Presentations From 2020 AEA Conference Available For Download

Posted on: December 9th, 2020 by eric

A number of presentations from our 2020 Annual Conference are now available for download in PDF form. Hopefully these documents will serve as a supplement to any notes taken at the conference and will provideĀ  reference for you on these important topics.

The following presentations are available:

Strategic Planning Presentation

Introduction to Water CoopWilliam Senft presentation

COVID-19 Effects in the Bond Market – New COVID Related Borrowing
Robbi Acampora
Bob Beinfield

Selected Initiatives that Utilities Can Implement to Bolster their Financial Health and ResilienceAlan Karnovitz

Current Topics in Water Resources ManagementJohn Gray

Environmental Justice LegislationSean Moriarity

Developing Cyber Risk Awareness and Mitigation: Be Prepared!David Brearly and Jim Schultz

Policies, Politics and PandemicsDavid Smith

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