AEA Board and Committees

Executive Committee: Justin Flancbaum, President; Rich Brand, 1st Vice President; Steve Specht, 2nd Vice President; Brian Brach, Treasurer; Dave Harpell, Past President and Peggy Gallos, Executive Director. (Executive Committee receives briefings on a monthly basis from Executive Director.)

Board of Directors: Diane Alexander, Esq., Ron Anastasio, Christine Ballard, Steve Blankenship, Sue Brasefield, Dave Brown, Bernard Bujak, Carrie Feuer, Bob Fischer, John Scheri, Bridget McKenna, Jeff Rollins, Brian Valentino (Board meets in January, May, September, and December.)

Legal Counsel: John Napolitano, Cleary Giacobbe Alfieri Jacobs, LLC

Finance Committee: Bob Bongiovanni, Bernie Bujak, John Kantorek* (There are several committtee vacancies due to recent retirements.)

Audit Committee: Bob Bongiovanni, Tom Post* (There are several committee vacancies due to retirements.)

Nominations Committee: Rick Dovey, Pam Carolan and other past presidents.

*According to AEA bylaws, first and second vice presidents are automatically members of each committee. 

Coastal Committee
Provides structure by which AEA coastal dischargers can share information and services. Develops strategies for shared concerns. Discusses matters of mutual interest. Appeals discharge permit conditions common to all in a consolidated manner.

Meets: As Needed

Education and Conference Committee
Bill Gettings, Hazen and Sawyer
Purpose: To manage, advise, and identify priorities for AEA education and training; review proposals for workshops and conference agendas; supervise work of Review Committee. (The Review Committee, a sub-committee of the EC Committee, review abstracts and bios to determine their eligibility for water and wastewater licensing credits and professional engineering (NJ) credits.)

Meets: Each March/April and December, also as needed.

Energy Committee
Katie Vesey, Atlantic County UA
Identify energy issues, programs and policies—including CHP, efficiency, micro-grid, emergency energy sources, solar and energy purchasing—that concern members. Advise AEA on energy matters and input to DEP, BPU and other agencies. Keep membership informed about important developments in this area.

Meets: As required.

EPDA Steering Committee
Apryl Roach, Franklin Township SA

Meets: As needed.

Ethics Committee
Joe Maraziti, Esq., Maraziti Falcon
Develop ethics information, education and policy for AEA. Make recommendations to Board and membership on ethics matters.

Meets: As required.

HR Committee
Bernie Bujak, South Monmouth RSA
Educates committee members about matters related to human resources, such as pension, employee management, benefits, and hiring/firing. Provide a forum where members can discuss common concerns and seek advice from colleagues. Assists general membership by identifying HR related topics and development.

Meets: Fridays, 10 am to noon, every other month at the AEA office in Mercerville

IT Committee
Leon McBride, Lakewood MUA
Greg JnoBaptiste, Two Rivers WRA
Purpose: To provide forum for staff of AEA member organizations to discuss a broad range of IT issues; educate committee members; identify IT-related education and training needs for AEA.

Meets: In person and via conference call on alternating months. For more information, visit this page.

Legislative Committee
Dennis Palmer, Landis SA
Members review bills to determine potential for impact on members. Determines AEA positions on legislation and develops legislative strategies. Educates legislators about impacts of legislation. Advises Board on legislative matters. Spearheads Voter Voice and similar legislative campaigns.

Meets: Every third Wednesday at 10 am at AEA office

NJPDES Committee
Pam Carolan, Mt. Laurel MUA
Reviews new and revised NJPDES regulations to determine whether action such as submitting comments, alerting membership, or requesting a meeting should be taken. Advises membership about important developments in this area. Identifies NJPDES-related topics for workshops, newsletter articles, and conferences. Provides a forum for education and discussion among members and with broader membership.

Meets: As required

Preparedness Committee
Mike Gianforte, Two Rivers WRA
Identifies issues and policies related to preparedness, emergency response, disasters, homeland security, etc. to be addressed by AEA. Works with DEP, OHSP and other agencies on these matters. Keeps membership informed about important developments.

Meets: As needed.

Professional Development Committee
Brian Brach, Manasquan River RSA

Purpose: To develop tomorrow’s leaders and managers within AEA membership.

Meets: About every two months, according to member preferences.

Safety Committee
Janette Kessler, Atlantic County UA

To provide forum for staff of AEA member organizations to discuss a broad range of safety-related issues; educate committee members; identify safety-related education and training needs for AEA.


Friday, January 17, 2020 10am
Friday, April 17, 2020 10am
Friday, July 17, 2020 10am
Friday, October 16, 2020 10am

Meetings will be held at Jackson Township Municipal Utilities Authority

Wastewater Asset Management Committee

Ryan Krause, South Monmouth RSA

The Wastewater Asset Management (WWAM) Sub-Committee spawned from the existing well established NJPDES Committee.  The task at hand was to develop and recommend to the NJDEP a list of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which could be tracked and reported upon by wastewater entities and used by regulators to assess the effectiveness of utility asset management. 

Meets: As needed.

Water Committee
Dave Harpell, Jackson Twp MUA
To provide a forum for AEA members to discuss matters related to drinking water; to advise legislative committee about drinking water matters; to identify areas for AEA input or advocacy.

Meets: Every other second Thursday; Jackson Twp MUA.


Are you interested in participating in an AEA committee? If so, please contact Peggy or Karen