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so_you_want_to_beThe Value of AEA in Every Type of Membership

AEA has four classes of members: Regular or authority members, municipal members, and associate members. Any organization that does business within the publicly owned water, wastewater, solid waste and recycling agency sector has a place at the AEA table. Our unique focus is the management, administrative and policy development aspects of public utility service.

Watch the video: Members explain why they value AEA.

Authority Members

Advocacy for ratepayers. Advocating regulatory matters to DEP, testifying at the State House, or articulating the superiority of the utility authority model to deliver water and waste water services, AEA defends the interests of ratepayers. Membership has a direct benefit for ratepayers.

Problem-solving. How to handle a compliance issue. Dealing with a sensitive personnel matter. AEA helps you gain access to answers. Email a question to AEA and get back useful suggestions and advice from other members.

Credits and Continuing Education. AEA offers low-cost and convenient workshops that help engineers, purchasing agents, operators, and managers stay current with licensing and continuing education requirements.

Help with Information Overload. AEA stands between managers and information deluge. Through, email alerts and the newsletter, Authority View, AEA helps managers distill information to its essentials so that they can anticipate and react to new developments or pass important intelligence along. Thanks to AEA, folks see that you are “in the know.”

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy. AEA monitors thousands of bill introductions in Trenton, flagging bills that directly impact members. Over the years, AEA’s voice has influenced scores of legislative and regulatory outcomes.

Support for Commissioners. AEA helps commissioners understand their obligations and duties and offers the opportunity to interact with fellow commissioners. Participaing in AEA can enlarge a commissioner’s knowledge about region-wide and state-wide issues and help him/her more effectively carry out his/her responsibilities.

Public Recognition and Community Involvement. AEA showcases innovative member accomplishments, public education projects, and community outreach through its Authority View newsletter, through the annual Wave Awards program, and by working with the media.

Active Engagement . AEA staff and members attend meetings and conferences, and have seats on committees and councils within the water and wastewater sector. Our members influence public discourse. AEA is the go-to sources of expertise on wastewater and water issues for state officials, legislators and the general public.

Municipal Members

Unmatched Focus on Public Water and Wastewater Service Delivery. AEA helps its municipal members too! Municipal government utilities and utility department managers municipal managers won’t find anywhere else the focus on publicly operated water and wastewater service – and the many issues exclusive to it—that AEA provides. AEA can help municipal members stay connected and pass must-know info along to municipal administrators, mayors and other local folks.

Associate Members

Access and Relationship Building. AEA’s associate members are full partners in AEA committees and its Board of Directors. That access and ability to participate in shaping the AEA agenda is one of the many reasons associate membership is a great value. AEA spotlights associate members through sponsorship opportunities, as speakers and advisors at workshops, and in web and newsletter articles. Do you do business with authorities or municipal utilities? Then you should be an AEA associate member–chances are your competitors already are!

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