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Environmental Professional Development Academy

Due to the restrictions involving COVID-19 the remaining EPDA sessions for Cohort 2020 will be virtual.

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EPDA Syllabus

Academy Tracks & Course Schedule:
(Subject to change without notice)

Note:  O-Field Operations, A-Administration, F-Finance, H-Human Resources
Locations to be announced

Operations Track

Coordinator: Mike Ruppel

Note: Safety boots, head protection and ear protection is required for the operations track. Eye protection will be provided if needed.

Administration Track

Coordinator: Brian Valentino

Finance Track

Coordinator: Dollie Scott-Bey / Bernie Bujak

Human Resources Track

Coordinator: Apryl Roach
Start date: May 5, 2021


  • Human Resources Track Introduction – Apryl L. Roach
  • Human Resources 101 – Apryl L. Roach
  • Capstone Outline – Apryl L. Roach


  • Training and Development – Bernard Bujak (SMRSA)
  • Employee Handbook (The contents) – Bernard Bujak (SMRSA)


  • Public Employment Law – Hatfield/Schwartz Law Group
  • The Disciplinary Process – Hatfield/Schwartz Law Group
  • Labor Negotiations – Hatfield/Schwartz Law Group


  • Ethics Best Practices – Part 1 – Bernard Bujak (SMRSA)
  • Ethics Best Practices – Part 2 – Apryl L. Roach (FTSA)
  • Capstone Review – Apryl L. Roach (FTSA)


  • Capstone Presentations – Apryl L. Roach (FTSA) & Bernard Bujak (SMRSA)

Academy Capstone

The Academy capstone combines an overview of all 4 tracks. 
Date to be announced.