Class Schedule

Environmental Professional Development Academy

Cohort Meets: (Generally) Wednesdays from 9 AM until 4 PM

Lunch is provided and incorporated into the cohort day.


Academy Tracks & Course Schedule:

(Subject to change without notice)

Note:  A-Administration, F-Finance, H-Human Resources, O-Field Operations

Administration Track

Coordinator: Brian Valentino


Administration track for 2018 has been completed

Finance Track

Coordinator: Dollie Hamlin


Finance track for 2018 has been completed

Human Resources

Coordinator: Apryl Roach

Hosted by Jackson Municipal Utility Authority

H1.       September 19, 2018

Human Resources 101
Public Employment Law

H2.      September 26,2018

Training & Development

H3.      October 10, 2018

Labor Relations
Labor Negotiations

H4.      October 17, 2018

Customer Service

H5.      October 24, 2018

Human Resources Capstone


Operations Track

Coordinator: Mike Ruppel

Host locations and dates to be determined

O1.       TBD

Water Treatment & Distribution
Information Technology

O2.      TBD

Advanced Wastewater Treatment & Beneficial Reuse

O3.      TBD

Basic Wastewater Collections & Treatment
Permitting & Compliance

O4.      TBD

Solid Waste Collection and Handling

O5.      TBD

Operations Capstone