Safety Committee

Chairs / Committee Members

Janette Kessler, Atlantic County Utilities Authority

Mission Statement

To provide forum for staff of AEA member organizations to discuss a broad range of safety-related issues; educate committee members; identify safety-related education and training needs for AEA.

Meets / Schedule





March 2019

March Sustainable Safety Tip:

In compliance with the Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health (PEOSH) Program Indoor Air Quality Standard (N.J.A.C. 12:100-13)(2007) all government employers are required to provide good indoor air quality, as it is essential to employee’s health and productivity.  As part of the standard, authorities must have a written Indoor Air Quality Program which must be reviewed annually to reflect changes in policy, procedure, responsibilities and contact information.  March is a great month to review your Indoor Air Quality  Written Program.  Some authorities have just completed their annual review of their written plan.  Has yours?  It is recommended that you use the following inspection as part of the review, and meet to discuss any changes to your written program.

For reference, here is the IAQchecklist.

You must have a designated person who is responsible for the plan, and have a preventative maintenance schedule in place in order to be in compliance.  There are also strict record keeping and document maintenance requirements. 

The AEA Safety Committee is committed to the safety of its members.  If you have any questions about Indoor Air Quality or are looking for a sample or template so you can create your own written Indoor Air Quality Program or have some information to share on this or any other safety topic, please reach out to the Safety Committee!