Member Protected Content

Every User Must Register Individually to Gain Access to Valuable Member Content

To access the Member Content side of this site, individuals in AEA member organizations must have a username and password. Set this up by REGISTERING, just as you do for Amazon, or your bank, or any other site that has a log-in. (The generic username/password for all users has been eliminated and is no longer valid.) Any staff member of any current AEA regular, municipal, or associate member organization is eligible to register and have access to Member Content.

1/26/2017 – PLEASE NOTE: If you were registered with our prior website, your user name and email address has been migrated into our new system.  Simply click this link to receive a new password.  You may change this randomly generated password to one of your choice after logging in.

New users, here’s how to register:

  1. If you have not previously registered follow this link
  2. Fill out the information required, choosing your own unique username and password. You must include the name of the member you are affiliated with in order to be approved.
  3. Submitting this generates an email to you, which should arrive within minutes.
  4. Open the email you receive and CLICK ON THE LINK provided.
  5. AEA staff receives notification via our email that you have registered, and we will then “enable” your registration. When that has been done, you will receive another confirmation.
  6. Once approved place you may access member protected content
  7. If you already have a user name and password enter the information as requested. Place your mouse on the Member Content tab and the drop down menu will appear.

Note that we will be checking this registration list frequently in order to make sure that every registrant is promptly “enabled.” However, if you have any trouble, please let us know.