Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority

Public Education

In recognition of their efforts to rebrand their single-stream recycling program, the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority is presented with a 2017 Public Education award. As the county switched from dual stream to single stream recycling programs, CMCMUA determined that the public education program was in need of a revamp. Bolstered by the addition of a large, colorful suit, the CMCMUA’s new education initiative’s mascot makes public service announcements and musical ads over local radio while also appearing at local festivals, classrooms, and community events. The goal of their program is to inform all residents of the policy shift, and thus reduce collection costs per ton of recycling.

Forward Thinking

The Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority has been bestowed with a 2017 Forward Thinking award for their efficient Heat Exchanger Installation Project at their Ocean City Wastewater Treatment Facility. Due to old age and reduced efficiency, the heat exchanger in their existing system was in need of replacement, which came by way of two redundant heat exchangers. These exchangers were installed in a more accessible, safer location within the treatment facility, while all installation work was completed by the authority’s in-house project crew at the cost of $40,000. CMCMUA officials saved time and money for their ratepayers by completing this project without the use of additional contractors.