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Atlantic County Utilities Authority

ACUA officials pose with their 2017 Wave Awards with AEA Executive Director Peggy Gallos. The ACUA took home awards for their public education and management practices.Public Education

In recognition of their Wastewater Facility Tours program, the ACUA was presented with a 2017 Public Education
Wave Award.  Having leveraged their unique position as the country’s only urban, coastal wind farm, ACUA officials were able to greatly expand the volume of tour requests, as well as their digital workflow resources for managing those requests and assigning tour personnel. In fact, ACUA has so effectively streamlined their
tour workflow programs that they have held ‘Open House’ tour programs during the summer months. These tours operate without any prior scheduling, and brought the ACUA almost 700 visitors over an eight-week period last summer.

Since 2006, the ACUA has hosted over 34,000 visitors to its solar park, wind farm, and water treatment facilities. The tour program has provided the ACUA with a valuable platform for community engagement, and education.
Furthermore, the tours program has proven to be an equally valuable resource for promoting their mission, and increasing their visibility with state and federal officials.

Pictured here: Joseph Pantalone, ACUA vice-president of wastewater operations, Monica Coffey, ACUA communications manager, Linda Bazemore, ACUA chief financial officer, Rick Dovey, ACUA executive director

Best Management Practices

In recognition of their efforts to honor the service and work of past employees through their Commemorative Wall and Retiree Garden Projects, the ACUA was honored with a 2017 Best Management Practices Award. Though they have always had employee recognition protocols, over recent years the ACUA sought a more lasting, welcoming, and visible way to publicly honor retirees and past employees. Board Members and officers worked tirelessly to lay the groundwork for the project, which eventually developed into the vision of a Commemorative Wall accompanied by a variety of surrounding garden areas. By selling over $75,000 of surplus equipment, ACUA officials provided themselves with the financial resources to complete the project.

The commemorative wall enables past and current staff to understand that they are valued, that their work is meaningful, and that their contributions will be remembered by all those at the ACUA.

Pictured here: Rick Dovey, ACUA executive director, Marvin Embry, ACUA commissioner