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Flushable May Not Mean What You Think It Means

"Wipes" are ubiquitous. We use them to clean babies' bottoms, for household clean-up, and as ways to sanitize on the go. Some wipe packages proclaim that the wipes are flushable, but that doesn't mean that they break down the way toilet paper does. That's a problem, according to Rob Villee, executive director, Plainfield Area RSA, and others who have been studying this issue. Wastewater utilities spend untold amounts of time and money raking out, filtering, and removing supposedly flushable wipes from systems.

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Gallos Participates in Public Affairs Program on Rowan Radio 

AEA Executive Director Peggy Gallos was a guest on the Rowan University radio station program, A Community Affair, on Monday, July 14. During the interview, Peggy and host Jackson Baird discussed New Jersey's infrastructure needs and about how important it is that water and sewer funds are not diverted for other uses. She also offered insights into how AEA helps its members. LISTEN.

Books for Children:

The Truth About Poop, by Susan E. Goodman and Elwood H. Smith

The Truth About Poop and Pee: All the Facts on the Ins and Outs of Bodily Functions by Susan Goodman and Elwood Smith

The "Story of Stuff," slide presentation, NJ Department of Environmental Protection



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